Procedure (Example/Proposal):

- Clarification of the companies vision and strategy and ensure the active support of the management board.

- Framing the field of observation and functions within the company.

- Identify and list the already existing mechanisms, methods and functions for continuous improvement.

- Agreement on the number and size of the discussion groups for the systematic analysis as well as compose the participants.

- Execute the assessment identifying the strengths and weaknesses within the various company activities and develop initial ideas for improvements.

- Aggregation and present the results.

- Evaluation and prioritisation by the company management.

- Working on solutions and alternatives for improvement.

- Discussions about progress and problems together with the management in suitable time intervals (e.g. quarterly).


- Clarifying the objectives and targets (vision and strategy) of the company and ensure the active support of the general management.

- Identify what shall be covered / not covered and which functions shall be included

- List all already existing procedures and methods creating continuous improvements

- Specify the number and size of the working groups for the systematic analysis as well as select the participants.

- Execute the as-is-analysis (Assessment) with identifying the strength / weaknesses and suggestions for improvement activities.

- Assemble, evaluate and present the results.

- Validate and prioritisation by the general management

- Follow up of the improvement themes including the development of alternative solutions by own employees (owners) – if required together with external support.

- Progress and problem discussions together with the general management in suitable time intervals.