Dr.-Ing. Gerd Pösch, Chemical Engineer

My background…
..is based on substantiated experience in supplying car components, developing and production of manufacturing machines for industrial batteries and several years working for technologically challenging chemical plants.

The companies:
Esso Chemie GmbH
DETA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH (CEAG)
Condea Chemie GmbH (RWE-DEA)
Sasol Germany GmbH

The various functions:
Battery industry: Director R&D
Chemical industry: Production shift superintendent; Operation of energy and utility systems,
Responsible for all technical activities incl. technology development,
Project management, engineering and construction, maintenance and SHE,
Operations Excellence introduction and development.
General Manager.

Special focus last 10 years:
Development of cross site cooperation and communication
Development of New Business Opportunities at different sites and Operation Optimization
Knowledge Management and Work Strategies
Identify and further develop the individual safety culture
People development and exchange, Resource management
Responsible for development and realisation of investments up to >100mill Euro/a
Operations Excellence for several production sites worldwide

Since 2013
Independent acting as
Management-Developing for Production and Technique
Develop individual safety cultures
Operations Excellence and Production Reporting
Development of Functions and Organisations as well as
New Business Opportunities